In order to obtain and sustain a competitive edge, your business will need to make sure its business applications operate in a modern, secure, flexible and efficient manner. Thanks to the wide availability of powerful cloud-based infrastructures, this is an achievable goal for businesses of all sizes – especially when you have a partner that knows what it is doing.


That is where Arxus comes in

Unlike other providers, who are either stuck in the datacenter or operate purely in the public cloud, our team has the expertise of working with and managing both innovative cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Azure, and more traditional datacentre setups.

A step-by-step journey

Work with us and we will take your applications on a step-by-step journey to rearchitect, containerise and transform them, before migrating them to a Microsoft Azure public cloud platform that best fits your needs.
  • Limited business disruption when rearchitecting and migrating applications and data.
  • Optimised application efficiency, performance and availability.
  • Faster time to market when building, testing and deploying new applications.
  • A fully managed service that focuses on continuous application innovation and improvement.

Our solution will provide you with future-proofed business applications in order to boost customer service – translating into improved customer retention and increased revenue generation.

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The road to a cloud optimised business

Below is the well-trodden path that we take all our clients down so we can help them obtain an future-proofed infrastructure and optimised applications.



Get detailed insights into your current IT landscape, both on an infrastructure and application level.
Obtain a comprehensive roadmap detailing your business application transformation process.



A workload based approach to rearchitect your infrastructure and applications. 
Receive a cloud platform that perfectly fits your specific needs and requirements.



Using containers and refactoring of applications configuration and code, we will make your IT smarter. 
Maximise cloud benefits to improve application performance, availability and cost efficiency.



With near zero down-time, we will migrate your existing on-premises infrastructure to hybrid/public cloud. Add new capabilities, optimise application performance and availability, and maximise cost-efficiency.



The automation of frequent infrastructure related management tasks will free up time and resources. 
Cut costs, speed up workflows and processes, focus on innovation, and ensure consistent results.

From Problem Child to Golden Boy

Contraload – Reference case


Just two years ago, Contraload, a business that offers pooling solutions for load carriers, such as pallets, barrels, and containers, saw IT as a problem child.

Due to strong growth over recent years, Contraload was evolving and growing at a rapid, quickly reaching 130 employees, and this fast expansion required a new, formal IT strategy with an urgent focus on improved connectivity.

To solve their issues, Arxus started by getting the basics right by upgrading the server park, rolling-out Microsoft 365 across the business, migrating the existing application portfolio to web applications, and completely overhauling Contraload’s IT security.

Continue reading the full story to discover how, thanks to Arxus, Contraload came to regard IT became an indispensable and essential enabler of their continued expansion.

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