SAP on Azure

A scalable, powerful and innovative cloud-based SAP solution? SAP on Azure offers all of that and more!

A scalable, powerful and innovative cloud-based SAP solution? How about benefiting from new insights through advanced analytics? SAP on Azure offers all of that and more!

Start the digital transformation of your company and migrate your existing SAP systems to Azure, Microsoft's advanced cloud platform. Enjoy greater flexibility, strong security and access to innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

What can you do with SAP on Azure?

SAP on Azure means so much more than just moving your software application systems to the cloud. It is a true win-win: you still have all the capabilities of your SAP on-premise, but a whole new world of functionality and benefits opens up, too. SAP on Azure provides, among other things:

  • New insights based on advanced analyses

With SAP on Azure, you get more real-time insight into your data, leading to better predictions. You can combine SAP data with data from other data streams, or apply advanced analytics, including AI, with just a few clicks. With those adjustments to your business processes, you will be able to offer better products and services .

  • An innovative interaction for better cooperation

Use SAP applications and data in combination with Microsoft Teams and the Office apps in Microsoft 365 to work together more efficiently and create an enhanced user experience.

Why choose SAP on Azure?

By migrating your entire SAP, including your business-critical systems, to Azure you will enjoy many benefits:

Scalability and flexibility


Microsoft Azure is a flexible, integrated platform that works both as a public and hybrid cloud solution. If you need more or less capacity or possibilities, you can easily scale up or down without any additional investments.

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Microsoft Azure also provides a great added value in terms of security: advanced threat protection with Azure Security Centre and identity management with Azure Active Directory. Around 3,500 cybersecurity experts optimise the platform’s various security services every day. In addition, Azure has the largest portfolio of compliance for workloads in the cloud and on-premises.

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Move from CapEx to OpEx with SAP on Azure and reduce your costs through the pay-as-you-go model for both managed services and cloud usage. You only pay for what you need.

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Trustworthy partners


Microsoft and SAP have had a strong partnership for over 25 years: Microsoft uses SAP systems and SAP benefits from Microsoft technologies. In addition, Microsoft Azure is SAP-certified to run your SAP applications. Azure also has data centres in more than 60 regions, which significantly reduces the risk of downtime.


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Partnership Arxus and Flexso for SAP on Azure

Through a partnership with Flexso, Arxus enables the use of SAP on Azure for many companies. We are both part of Cronos Group, but each of us has their own expertise: Flexso as a specialist in smart SAP solutions and us as Microsoft Azure Expert MSP. We decided to join forces to develop the best SAP on Azure for our customers. 


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