Introducing Microsoft 365, a suite of products that will allow your staff to achieve more during their day.

Use this solution to create a safe and collaborative environment and unlock your team’s full potential, all while benefiting from cutting-edge, high grade security.

We’ll focus on managing the solution, so you can focus on your business.

What makes our Microsoft 365 offering stand out is the added-value that is gained by complementing the basic setup with Arxus’ range of premium packaged solutions, such as our continuous support and maintenance service package.

So, partner with Arxus and we’ll manage and upgrade your Microsoft 365 package, leaving your teams free to leverage the solution to its fullest in order to promote better communication and productivity.

With our Microsoft 365 solution, your team will be able to:

  • Work from anywhere, and on any device, in order to work better and with greater confidence. All managed by the experts at Arxus.
  • Increase productivity and collaboration, all while easily controlling access to your data.
  • Benefit from the ability to quickly scale capacity (up and down) to meet changing needs.
  • Reduce costs by replacing costly inflexible licensing with monthly user subscriptions.

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Key Features of Microsoft 365


Office 365

The tools all your employees know and like. Simplify file sharing, work on documents online or offline and on multiple devices.


Windows 10

A fast, reliable and secure operating system, with better performance so that your team can perform better too.


Enterprise Mobility and Security

Keep your organisation safe and protect your data at all times by centrally managing user identity and access across various devices.



A powerful email management solution, accessible from any device, that allows employees to organise their inbox and agenda, all while protecting them from dangerous malware.



Allow employees to store, share and sync their work files across any browser or device, increasing availability and access to documents for smoother collaboration.


Teams & Skype for Business

Foster improved communication with cutting-edge instant messaging, desktop sharing, voice and video calling from any device. Set up HD online meetings, with encrypted video and audio streams.

First-Class Performance With Microsoft 365

Van Moer Logistics – Reference case


Van Moer is a fully-integrated logistics group with a focus on transport and distribution, warehousing, storage, freight forwarding, and special services.

As their business grew, achieving necessary email support and server scalability became a challenging issue, especially as needs changed regularly.

Instead of renewing the existing email server and investing in trying to modernise their in-house solution, Van Moer decided to leverage Microsoft 365’s powerful cloud environment.

Read the full case study to find out how Arxus helped to change the business and the way it runs.

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