Microsoft 365

All elements of Microsoft 365... and just a little more.

Microsoft 365. That is Office 365 + Windows 10 + security and a number of other elements... in one economical package.

On top of that, we also offer our Arxus services: 24/7 local support and the management and maintenance of your solution. So you immediately have everything in-house for efficient and user-friendly collaboration.


All elements of Microsoft 365

Office 365

The Microsoft Office applications are the standard in office productivity. Everyone knows Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Office 365 brings these applications into the cloud. So you can use them at any time on any device.

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Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of the world's most well-known operating system. You get a fast, reliable and secure operating system that allows your team to perform better, and that seamlessly connects to all applications in your Microsoft 365 package.

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SharePoint allows you to create dynamic and productive sites for different teams, departments or divisions. So you can share information easily, collaborate smoothly and store important files or data securely.

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OneDrive is your personal storage in the cloud. You can store all your files securely, so you can use them from any location on any device and easily share and edit them together with others.

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Teams gives you a secure online workspace where you can (video) chat, meet and share files with your colleagues and work with business apps. The integrated planner helps to manage all projects smoothly.

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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is an intelligent platform for mobility management and security. You get powerful cloud security and management applications to secure your data optimally, but at the same time to still be able to collaborate flexibly.

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Starting with Microsoft 365?

Schedule an appointment with our experts. Learn what Microsoft Office 365 can do for your organisation. See what specific savings you make and how much you win on efficiency.

Additional Arxus 365 Services

Managed Microsoft 365

We assist you with rolling out your solution, managing your licences and providing a consolidated monthly invoice. This gives you a clear insight into your monthly fees for all Microsoft services.

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Licensing advice

We constantly monitor the licences that are best suited to your specific needs. We discuss with you what is needed and then seek the most efficient and cost-effective solution. 

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Local support

You get access to our 24/7 helpdesk with local Microsoft 365 employees. No telephone conversation or email exchange with an anonymous call centre employee in an unknown country, but a quick solution from a local expert who knows your cloud environment.

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Frequently asked questions

Which licence is the most suitable for my organisation?

Microsoft has many different licences. Not only the content and the prices differ. There are also certain rules about who may or can use them. We advise you on which licenses are the most appropriate and financially the most advantageous for your specific business needs.

Does everyone in my organisation need to have the same licence?

No. You can use different licences for individual users. This means that each user has a licence that is adapted to their specific needs. At the same time, this reduces your costs: you do not pay for applications that are never used.

How fast can I activate and deactivate licences?

At your request, we can add or discontinue licences easily. So you can get new colleagues started quickly or reduce your costs if you no longer need certain licences. Eventually, you will be able to manage all licences yourself easily through our secure customer portal.

Cloud Consultancy | Arxus

What distinguishes Arxus from the rest?

  • Maximum service: Our motto is simple: ‘there is no traffic jam along the extra mile’. We are a managed cloud service provider, so we do all we can to relieve you completely of everything to do with your cloud environment.
  • Flexible contracts: Your situation may change overnight. We serve your interests. Our flexible contracts change along with the needs of your company. 
  • Transparency: Take advantage of our cloud management portal and gain access to a detailed understanding of the services you purchase, your uptime and your costs.
  • Proactive monitoring: Your applications, infrastructure and all intermediate layers are closely monitored and guarded 24/7. We intervene proactively if something threatens to go wrong.
  • 24/7 local support: You get 24/7 support in your own language from our local Arxus cloud experts.

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