Modern Workplace Advise

Improve your Microsoft 365 security in a continuous and structured way

Protecting your modern workplace or Microsoft 365 tenant requires a tremendous amount of expertise and knowledge nowadays. Although a lot of companies (regularly) implement Microsoft 365 security measures to be as safe and resistant as possible, all the different signaling and tooling can become hard and overwhelming to manage. That's where we step in. With Arxus Modern Workplace Advise we help you improve your Microsoft 365 security in a continuous and structured way to reduce the likelihood and impact of security breaches.

With Modern Workplace advice we want to support you in creating and improving a sustainable way of maintaining your overall security state. From listening to you and analyzing your current situation we create a clear plan of action to systematically improve your Microsoft 365 security posture, and reduce the likelihood of security and compliance risks in the event of an attack. Moreover, the dynamic nature of our service, provides a solution that's always up-to-date and continuously improves itself. After all, an ever-evolving threat needs an ever-evolving solution, right?

Want to get a sneak peak into your current security posture and discover what the next possible steps could be?


How will we achieve this?

1. Enhance

To continuously improve the security posture Arxus will construct a roadmap with specific improvement actions. These improvement actions are industry-recognized security measures and implementations, from various sources, which Arxus will implement according to their best practices and the situation of the customer. In this way, we provide a custom experience while making sure security standards are met.

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2. Control

Regression & progression of your posture are monitored, captured and investigated. By doing this we can take necessary action or reprioritize improvement items on the roadmap.

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3. Report

We frequently report on the actions taken and discuss with you what we think is the right way forward. In that way we make sure that all planned actions and improvements are in line with what is realistic and acceptable for you as a customer.

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