Cloud Consultancy

Are you looking for a cloud service provider that doesn't just provide you with perfect technical support, but is a good strategic sparring partner and gives valuable and relevant advice as well? 

Our experts can advise you optimally on the right choices, propose solutions, show how you can limit cloud costs, how you balance between performance and security, how you can best keep increasingly complex environments manageable, work out a detailed cloud roadmap with you, etc.

What can we offer you?


Together with you, we look at your specific business case and see what the cloud can mean for your organisation. At the end of this session you will have a clear picture of your Cloud Readiness and any subsequent steps you can take.

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For our interactive multi-day workshops we come to your office and we work together with your team. At the end of the workshop you have a plan for a complete architecture and a roadmap with next steps.

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Our experts are always ready to talk to you about specific challenges or problems in your business. We have a lot of experience and there is a very good chance that we can come up with an appropriate solution.

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What distinguishes Arxus from the rest?

  • Maximum service: Our motto is simple: ‘there is no traffic jam along the extra mile’. We are a managed cloud service provider, so we do all we can to relieve you completely of everything to do with your cloud environment.
  • Flexible contracts: Your situation may change overnight. We serve your interests. Our flexible contracts change along with the needs of your company. 
  • Transparency: Take advantage of our cloud management portal and gain access to a detailed understanding of the services you purchase, your uptime and your costs.
  • Proactive monitoring: Your applications, infrastructure and all intermediate layers are closely monitored and guarded 24/7. We intervene proactively if something threatens to go wrong.
  • 24/7 local support: You get 24/7 support in your own language from our local Arxus cloud experts.

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Relevant Cases


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Would you like the opinion of a cloud expert?

We are happy to visit you to discuss your concrete business together and see how a migration to the cloud would make your organisation more competitive.