Business continuity

You do not want a technical problem, a disaster, human error or cybercrime to jeopardise your business operations. Business continuity can help with preventive and reactive measures.

Business continuity is more than just making backups. It is also about good security, the correct assessment of (new) threats, implementing business continuity and disaster recovery solutions etc.

What can we offer you for Microsoft Azure?

Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a cost-effective and easy-to-use backup solution that allows you to store a copy of your data efficiently and securely in the cloud.

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Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery provides inexpensive redundancy via an exact copy of your cloud environment. It is ready to take over when disaster strikes.

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Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft's cloud-native Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution. This solution makes security in Azure more scalable and even easier to manage. 

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What can we offer you for Arxus Private Cloud?

Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup enables you to store backups of your virtual machines in our Arxus Private Cloud. This means you always have a synchronised cloud backup that can be restored quickly if necessary.

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Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication creates a redundant real-time copy of your virtual machines in the Arxus Private Cloud. This enables you to see easily and automatically do a fail-over if there is a problem in your cloud environment.

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Cloud Security

We offer a great deal of security services in our Arxus Private Cloud that ensure the optimal security of your infrastructure and your data.

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What distinguishes Arxus from the rest?

  • Maximum service: Our motto is simple: ‘there is no traffic jam along the extra mile’. We are a managed cloud service provider, so we do all we can to relieve you completely of everything to do with your cloud environment.
  • Flexible contracts: Your situation may change overnight. We serve your interests. Our flexible contracts change along with the needs of your company. 
  • Transparency: Take advantage of our cloud management portal and gain access to a detailed understanding of the services you purchase, your uptime and your costs.
  • Proactive monitoring: Your applications, infrastructure and all intermediate layers are closely monitored and guarded 24/7. We intervene proactively if something threatens to go wrong.
  • 24/7 local support: You get 24/7 support in your own language from our local Arxus cloud experts.

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Would you like to know more about business continuity?

We are happy to visit you to discuss your concrete business together and see how business continuity can offer you more operational reliability.