Make sure your applications are cloud ready

Arxus are on hand to assist Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with refactoring and migrating their applications to a cloud-based infrastructure. And, as your business grows, you can leverage our expertise to manage the different layers of your application and infrastructure so you can focus on increasing demand for your amazing applications.

Our Scale With Cloud Innovation solution will take your existing applications, containerise and then move them to a container framework within the cloud, enabling you to modernise your traditional applications and operate them as true cloud-native applications. What is more, our team will help you choose the tenancy model that best fits the needs of your application. We’ll also set up the governance rules and ensure your apps are running securely.

No business is the same – which is why we will help you with the choice of cloud services that directly tackle your specific challenges.

Scale with Cloud Innovation

Teams that work together, thrive together

Just like any other business, Tech Start-ups and ISVs need the tools and resources to improve how employees engage and collaborate with each other.

With our Microsoft 365 powered Productive Workplace solution, you will have the tools required to put your employees first, helping to ensure your business doesn’t come second.

Productive Workplace


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Public Sector

You want your workforce to more efficiently serve your citizens, constituents, students, or patients, but you also have to ensure your technology investments are secure, cost-effective and innovative.

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All others

No matter your business type, size or industry, our cloud-based solutions are designed to help you seamlessly move forward and become a first-class business.

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Ensuring your business never comes in second

Overcome the risk of being overtaken by faster and more agile competitors and new market entrants by updating legacy systems and replacing your outmoded workplace solution.

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