Policy: Data security

With security, compliance and GDPR at the forefront of the public sector’s mind, you need to be able to trust that your data is secure. Arxus is serious about data security, which is why we are an ISO 27001 certified organisation that only provides solutions that meet a stringent set of compliance offerings, certifications, and attestations, just like Azure, Microsoft 365 and our private cloud solution do.

Productive workplace

Citizen centric applications in the cloud

Your IT team should not be worrying about how to future-proof your internal systems or applications, or even about the day to day “keeping the lights on” of applications and infrastructure. They should be focused on driving innovation and creating new ways to engage with citizens and businesses.

To help your in-house teams, Arxus will containerise, migrate and manage your mission-critical applications in the cloud, so your IT team can free up their time and focus on strategic business initiatives, innovation and servicing internal and external stakeholders.

Scale with Innovation


Case study A

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Tech Start-ups/ISVs

Whether you’re a start-up with a big idea or an established IT solution-provider, if you develop your own software and apps you need to find a partner with the resources to take care of things so you can focus on what you do best.

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All other sectors

No matter your business type, size or industry, our cloud-based solutions are designed to help you seamlessly move forward and become a first-class business.

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Ensuring your business never comes in second

Overcome the risk of being overtaken by faster and more agile competitors and new market entrants by updating legacy systems and replacing your outmoded workplace solution.

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