Microsoft 365 Engineer

Will you be our Mister/Miss Microsoft 365? You know better than anyone else how to convince customers that Microsoft 365 is the way to go in order to work together more efficiently. With both technical and business reasons.

As a Microsoft 365 engineer…

  • you know how to make the perfect transition plan for a smooth transition to Windows 10, taking into account mobile device management and all the associated security measures.
  • you are responsible for Microsoft 365 projects and you help customers with their migration, including all Office 365 licences.
  • you are the point of contact for Microsoft 365 related security issues
  • we also expect you to be technically savvy: if customers have questions during onboarding or later, we look to you to come up with answers. Personally, or with the help of our teams. (Read: you do not really have to answer every question yourself, but you do have to make sure that every problem gets solved)
  • you just have to know how to configure various IaaS components and services of Microsoft 365 and/or Azure
  • we expect a little flexibility. We take turns to be on standby. That means that you are ‘on duty’ during evenings or weekends once every five weeks. If it's any consolation, that is the same for everyone on the team.
Microsoft 365 | Arxus

What do we expect of you?

  • That you have at least two years of experience with Microsoft 365. Not altogether illogical, considering that is what your job is all about.
  • That you already have some experience with PowerShell scripting.
  • You are entirely familiar with the Microsoft 365 service portfolio. If you also have some knowledge of Azure, then we are absolutely thrilled.
  • That you not only know what Autopilot, Microsoft Intune and Windows Defender (Advanced Threat Protection) are, but also know how to work with them easily.
  • That you are able to create a Microsoft 365 licence plan with associated services that makes both your own team and the customer enthusiastic.
  • That you can work without someone having to hold your hand and you have the courage to take the lead and responsibility for your own projects.
  • You can communicate easily with both customers and colleagues. You do not run away screaming when the phone rings and you can answer emails without misspellings or a barrage of emojis.
  • That you are able to ‘onboard’ customers to Microsoft 365 like a perfect captain and can also implement and analyze the Microsoft Security Tooling
  • That you see every challenge facing you as an opportunity to create new solutions. In other words, we are also looking for the necessary creativity and enthusiasm.
  • That you have fun in your job and have the courage to indicate where we can help and where we can improve ourselves. We do not always know everything better... although you do have to convince us to the contrary. ;-)
Office | Arxus

What do we have to offer you?

  • A permanent job: we take some time to see what sort of person we are dealing with, but then we give more certainty than a real estate investment.
  • The things that are simply essential ingredients these days: a competitive salary, a mobility budget that you can spend as you see fit, fringe benefits such as a meal allowance, hospitalisation and group insurance and 12 ADV (overtime worked in lieu) days.
  • The chance to be truly engaged with technology and innovation. Because after all, that is exactly what we do every day. Trying to be a step ahead of the rest.
  • The opportunity to be part of a growing dynamic company, with a pleasant team of colleagues who let off steam at least once a month in various team events (think: barbecues, VR gaming, karting, LAN parties, Innovation Nights etc.).
  • A non-stop learning and growth process thanks to education, national and international exhibitions, conferences and knowledge sharing in the office. Hopefully you still have enough free space on your internal hard disk.
  • The advantages of a smaller company and a larger organisation (aka De Cronos Groep): We have a flat organisational structure, but at the same time, we benefit from the economies of scale that a group of 370 companies and nearly 5,000 employees can offer us.
  • The Cronos Care package: a comprehensive package of free offers (did we mention that there are free massages?), concessionary prices and great discounts on all kinds of things, in conjunction with a mobility package and fun corporate events.
Office | Arxus

What more do you need to know?

We are not like other companies. And our employees even less so. We dare to be different.

We have a soft spot for people who do not fit into a particular category. Or who do not want to. People who can work smoothly in a team, but who are independent enough to self-manage projects without the training wheels. People who are serious about their job, but a lot less serious outside their job.

People who just want to be (or are) themselves.

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