Working at Arxus

What is it like to work for Arxus? What job vacancies are available? And do you fit into our team?

Arxus is growing rapidly and is among the top of the Belgian managed cloud service providers. We are therefore constantly looking for people to expand the Arxus Team.

Are you extremely interested in cloud technology, do you believe in a hands-on and no-nonsense approach and do you want more than just an attractive salary package? Then you are exactly who we are looking for.

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Recruitment Lead

Even in a snowy landscape you spot that rare white raven. You easily separate cloud connoisseurs from amateurs and know exactly which personalities match the culture of your home team. To find talent, you dare to think outside the box. You give promising candidates the application experience of a lifetime. Curious? Read more: we are looking for a top IT recruiter like you.


Customer Success Manager

We're looking for a customer whisperer. A strong liaison officer who cherishes and strengthens the bond with our customers. Someone who keeps an eye on things, sees where our services and cooperation can be improved and immediately gets to work. Someone who is only satisfied when our customers are too. So someone like you: the Arxus Customer Success Manager.


Modern Workplace Automation Engineer

Transforming traditional companies in Flanders into hybrid workplaces. Ensuring that team members work together pleasantly and productively - at the office and at home. That's our mission. And: completely your thing. Would you like to help build flawless automation platforms as an Automation Engineer? With all the Modern Workplace services that make hybrid employees happy? Be sure to read on.


Modern Workplace Architect

Do you like to work out solutions and designs based on the needs of customers? Are you someone who likes to advise others? Then we advise you to apply for Modern Workplace Architect.


Solution Sales Modern Workplace

Are you a networker in the purest form? Do you feel like maintaining our customer relationships and expanding our customer network even further? Can you spot new opportunities and then convert them into commercial successes? Then you may be at the forefront of the race for the job of Solutions Sales Modern Workplace.


Quality Assurance/Tester

Our developers are smart, tough and strong. They ensure that the Arxus portal site offers our customers an excellent customer experience. And yet. We need you too. Because you know how we can make our Arxus portal site even better, ensure that we achieve that quality. Would you like to work in a super cool team at the Azure Expert and Microsoft Preferred Partner of Belgium? Apply now for the position of Quality Assurance/Tester.


Fullstack Web Developer

You have breakfast the agile way, lunch proactively and take your afternoon snack while you save the world with your genius code.

Okay, that last one is too much. But we are looking for a fearless full stack web developer. Who offers our customers an unseen great customer experience via the Arxus portal site. Who doesn't shy away from any deadline or challenge. Who likes to work together in a young, fun developer team. Not fully full stack yet? No problem: just fake it till you make it. You will receive all the support from us to update your expertise. So, go ahead with that resume: apply today for a fullstack web developer at Arxus.


Front-End Web Developer

Do you have the ambition to offer visitors to the Arxus portal a brilliant customer experience? Do you make sure that they find what they are looking for – within 10 seconds and almost without thinking – and can do what they came for? Moreover, don't you shy away from deadlines or challenges and do you sometimes wear Japanese denim, printed t-shirts and worn-out Vans? Become a Front-End Web Developer at Arxus!


Pre-sales Modern Workplace

What about your technical writing skills? To optimally present our Microsoft 365 Services to our customers, we are looking for a Pre-sales Modern Workplace. By defining the customer requirements perfectly, you help our sellers to achieve great results.


Azure Technical Sales

Are you a technically substantiated salesman or woman with 3 to 5 years of experience and, above all, tons of commercial flair? Then immerse yourself in our Arxus portfolio and become our new Azure Technical Sales!


Teams Voice Specialist

Does the combination of telephony with Microsoft Teams Voice/Skype 4 Business rings a bell in your brain? Then you could be our next Teams Voice Engineer!


Azure Virtual Desktop Specialist

Are you a specialist in setting up and supporting Azure Virtual Desktop environments and would you like to work for Arxus? Then you are well on your way to a good job interview!


Intune MDM & MAM Specialist

Do you realize that the acronyms in the job title don't refer to party drugs or chocolate candies with or without peanuts, but are all about cloud-first endpoint management configurations? Come by for coffee and a cookie!


Account Manager

Are you strong in maintaining and deepening sustainable customer relationships and do you know something about Azure and Office 365? Then you might be the Account Manager we are looking for.


System Administrator

Do you want to build, deploy and manage efficient cloud solutions? And do you like to be the first point of contact for our customers and all their cloud-related questions? Then our vacancy for System Administrator might also appeal to you!


Cloud Sales

Keeping customers happy? You like nothing better. Want to know exactly what they need? You have a sixth sense for that kind of stuff. Identifying opportunities and convincing new customers to do business with us is your talent.


Internal Sales

No higher diploma and no significant work experience? That doesn't have to be a problem at all for the commercial jack-of-all-trades we're looking for! An interest in IT and especially the right mentality is all you need to become a good Internal Sales.


Open Source Engineer

Setting up Linux systems and keeping them running smoothly? Check. Would you like to brainstorm with us about the strategy and roadmap of our open source team? Double check. Would you like to roll up your sleeves every day, both operationally and project-wise, and share your knowledge with a team of clever minds? Triple check!


Business Development Manager

To grow our resell, professional and managed service business in this vertical, we are looking for a business development manager to run our most important growth initiatives.


Azure Cloud Solution Architect

Will you be partly responsible for the Azure projects of our customers? Then, in consultation with them and our project team, you draw their roadmap and you share responsibility for the daily operational management of our Azure Services.


Modern Workplace Engineer

You know what people need to work pleasantly and productively. What's more: you won't rest until all companies in Flanders are equipped as mobile, hybrid or digital workplaces. Where team members work together smoothly and toggle between office job and home work. Well, we share that mission with you. Are you eager to help our customers transition to the cloud? To design the workplace for them with Microsoft 365 and Azure AD? We welcome you as a Modern Workplace Engineer.


Junior Cloud Engineer

Would you like to be the first point of contact for our customers and handle all their network questions about their cloud environment? Would you like to build, implement and manage efficient and optimal cloud solutions?


Cloud Engineer

Would you like to be the first point of contact for our customers and handle all their network questions about their cloud environment? Would you like to build, implement and manage efficient and optimal cloud solutions?

Not found what you are looking for? Spontaneous applications are always welcome!

Arxus is growing fast. Very fast. That is why we are constantly looking for new colleagues to strengthen our team. So do not be put off if your dream job is not among our vacancies. If you think you are able to strengthen our team, please let us know. Then we can look at the possibilities together.

Work @ Arxus

We give you an attractive salary package, with in addition many Cronos benefits. But also extensive opportunities to learn more and set out your own career path.

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Life @ Arxus

We work hard, but we have at least as much fun. You know, the work-life balance. And what is equally important: we love quirky people. Because that's what we are too.

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What does the Arxus Team say?

Who better to tell you what it's like to work for Arxus every day than our employees themselves? They give you an honest and open insight in Work @ Arxus and Life @ Arxus.

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Work @ Arxus

We are not like all other companies. And our employees are not like everyone else either.

Are you enterprising, do you feel at home working in a team, but are you also independent enough to manage your own projects without training wheels? Then you should be with us.

We attach great importance to hard and soft skills, but we do not expect you to have mastered everything already when you start with us. We offer plenty of space and time to learn.

Team | Arxus

What do we have to offer you?


We offer a competitive and attractive salary, tailored to your experience and expertise.

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Employee benefits

Besides your salary package, you can also count on other benefits, such as hospitalisation and group insurance, a laptop, a mobile phone with subscription, a meal allowance, eco vouchers, and a Cronos Care Package.

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We offer you an interesting mobility budget. You choose whether you spend that on an (electric) car, public transport, an electric bicycle or scooter, or a combination.

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Holiday leave

We work a 40-hour week. That means you have 12 extra ADV (overtime worked in lieu) days in addition to your statutory holiday days. So that is 32 days holiday a year.

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Depending on your position, your only real office is where your laptop is. You choose which office to work in (Kontich, Mechelen, Lummen) and you may work from home for one day a week. Isn't that convenient?

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Do you have your eye on an interesting event, relevant training or inspiring lecture? Suggest it! We think it is logical to acquire knowledge and pass it on to the team.

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How do we support you?

Your career is in your own hands. You can change. Are you interested in a new position, new technology or other skills? Together with you we look at how we can get you on your way.

We also have a performance management programme, where each month you have an informal chat with your team leader and twice a year you evaluate your career and aspirations with him.

Garanties | Arxus

Best buddy

During your first few months, you can expect a personal buddy who supports you and shows you the ropes in the team. You can go to him with all your questions.

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K-Rear programme

Our K-Rear programme gives school-leavers valuable training in both hard technical skills and soft skills that are useful in the workplace. 

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Technical Nights

Every quarter we organise an Arxus Technical Night. Enjoy beer and pizza while a few team members share with the team their expertise and experience with new technology. 

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Team member > Team leader

We encourage everyone to seize opportunities, to make ambitions come true and if possible, to grow from team member to team leader.

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Completely convinced?

Glad to hear that. Life @ Arxus is also fascinating, but we understand that you want to see the vacancies straight away. 


Life @ Arxus

Work is important, feeling good is equally so. That is why we attach great importance to a good work-life balance and a relaxed atmosphere in the office.

You will work in an environment with a flat structure and plenty of team spirit. A place where you can just be yourself. 

Also important: always being serious is not an option. Are you a quirky person yourself? Then you fit perfectly in the Arxus Team!

Life @ Arxus | Arxus

What do we have to offer you?

Food & Drinks

We provide all kinds of tasty things, healthy and less healthy. Something for everyone. And when there are birthdays, there is usually an extra treat on the table. Nom nom nom is the message!


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Team Events

Team building, barbecues, short skiing, festivals, VR gaming, Christmas party karting etc., we also like doing some things together outside the office. We organise it, you come if you like and have fun. It’s as simple as that!

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Cronos Care

As part of the Cronos Groep, we benefit from all kinds of advantages: a cheap ironing service, advice from a dietician, chair massages, discounts on products and events etc. You name it...

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The Arxus attitude

We often talk about the Arxus attitude and the Arxus values, and we also expect team members to pick them up. But what does that mean exactly? What do we stand for?

Build your hero - Press start to play
Arxus goes for an environment in which everyone feels at home and where colleagues become friends. We celebrate achievements. Success equals fun. We never stop learning and do not shy away from challenges. We are really the Avengers. Or the Justice League.

Head in the cloud - Team on the ground
Innovation is crucial. But although we dream of helping every organisation move to the cloud, we like to keep things no-nonsense and local. We are close to our customers and get the job done as a team. That is why they love us.

Own the change - Fly to Mars
Others have the moon as their destination, we are already on the way to Mars. We see challenges in complexity and make additional efforts to finalise things. We take full responsibility for each project.

What does the Arxus Team say?

Would you like to know more?

Then we suggest you follow us on social media. We are on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And especially on Instagram, we would like to give you a look behind the scenes.