Rick joined the K-rear trajectory from Uptime Group. After this education, he started as Junior Cloud Engineer at Arxus. Read below how Rick experienced the K-rear trajectory and his internship at Arxus .

From K-rear participant and trainee to new team member


K-rear trajectory

K-rear is a training program of Uptime Group for young people who are getting prepared to become an all-round support or system engineer. The trajectory has been mapped out based on current expectations on the labor market and is a supplement to your bachelor's degree programs. Rick also stepped in this process and then did an internship at Arxus.


Internship at Arxus

Rick During my internship at Arxus, I learned so much. Much more than I have learned in 1 year at school. Not only technical skills, but also how I need to use certain programs and how Microsoft Azure exactly works. I also got to know the business world, which is very different from the school environment. During my internship I made, together with my partner, a monitoring system for the Azure platform. We worked with Python to receive the data, we learned how the resources in Azure work and analyzed the data with Elastic. We made sure the alerts ended up with the engineers who had permanence. The thing I certainly will remember is the bond with my colleagues. The welcome was warm and I could always contact the team. Because every company within the Uptime Group is relatively small, you quickly develop a close relationship with your colleagues. You know who does what, where you can go for which questions and who finds which pizza the most delicious! My view has changed completely during my internship."


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