Philippe Marichal, our new Customer Experience Manager, tells how he ended up at Arxus. Read below what he will be doing and how his first days at Arxus went.        


How were your first days?

Philippe: "My integration went very excellent. At my previous employer, I was the one pulling the strings towards integration of new employees, so I am very well aware of the importance of a great start, but many employers do not pay enough attention when it comes to integrating their new employees. Fortunately to say, that Arxus does recognize the importance of a good start. I felt like home within a minute."


How do you think Arxus is distinctive in this?

Philippe: "The atmosphere is very family like, which can be immediately felt by an applicant in different areas. I know Mutlu and he told me about the open vacancy. After a first chat with Erlend, a follow-up interview followed with Erlend, Tom and Mutlu. Arxus makes it a habit to involve direct colleagues directly in the application process. This is very pleasant for applicants because you immediately know who your immediate colleagues are going to be. A nice example of the flat structure."


How did the “Meet the team” formula turned out?

Philippe: "The relax atmosphere is very present. It is nice to end up in a team where everyone interacts in an informal way. This makes work much easier. Everyone is accessible, everyone is willing to help."


What challenges do you see?

Philippe: "Create more structure. A challenge I love to accept. With some quick wins you can achieve very much in little time, which is going to be a huge improvement towards the customer."


Do you already see quick wins?

Philippe: "After the meeting with a customer, the meeting points were not centrally saved. We are doing this now, so that we can perfectly monitor each customer as a team. We can see which issues are pending and must be addressed. A small intervention that will make a big difference regarding follow-up"


So, first thing on your to-do list is more structure?

Philippe: "Absolutely! More structure in processes is certainly a purpose but a good balance is crucial. Too much structure is crippling."


As intermediary between the customer and our business, I make sure every aspect of our agreement is respected.


What does your schedule looks like?

Philippe: "I regularly sit down with clients to check the quality of our services and how we can improve them. As intermediary between the customer and our business, I make sure every aspect of our agreement is respected. My daily schedule will be approximately 50/50: on the one hand meeting with and following up on customers. On the other hand, address the internal action points"


Do you already know which customers you will follow-up?

Philippe: "Yes, last week the transfer took place. I will follow-up on Datassur, Vazg, Toerisme Vlaanderen, Dosis, Cwape, Mediafin, Fit, Voka, Greenyard Logistics."


Do you have any experience with the world of Arxus?

Philippe: "As Information Manager at BASF I also was an intermediary between the customer and the business. When the customer was in IT need, I went to translate the problem into a well-written IT project for our technical specialists. Also the other way around, when IT needed something, I had to translate it to the customer. The cloud is new to me, but I have the conceptual knowledge. That is why first, I want to get to know the product."


How are you going to do this concretely?

Philippe: "During my first week I have spent a lot of time with the First Contact Team to create the right image of the customers, the technologies, the type of questions, … This firm base is crucial. I will supplement this with self-study and training. An Azure training is already on the planning anyway!"



Good luck, Philippe!