Last week we welcomed Iman Azimnia in our team. After working for 4 years as a technician at Defense, he started working as a Cloud Solution Engineer last week. This he has to tell about Arxus!


"The big picture matched!"

Iman came to us via Uptime Group, where he had found the vacancy. "I recognized myself in the profile of Junior Cloud Engineer. My heart is 100% with system and networks, so I wanted to work as a system engineer. Then again working from the Arxus offices in Kontich in an environment without tight hierarchical structures. The big picture just matched. I felt that I was going to be sufficiently challenged, without the expectations being unreachably high."


Iman, nieuwe collega bij Arxus


"Networking are the basics to me"

Iman thinks it is amazing to deep dive into a problem and search where the problem comes from. “It really gives me a rush to find the solution after a long search. Networking are the basics to me and servers, applications, … are a layer above the network. That is where all the communication arises.” During his flex trajectory Informatics at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool Iman noticed that system and networking is not (yet) very popular with the students. “I think a lot of young people have this illusion about programming. Personally, I think system and networking is much more dynamic and varied. Finishing tickets, being placed on projects, having contact with customers, ... that variety is crucial for me.



“I am sorry I haven’t applied earlier!”

With our "meet the team" formula, we introduce every applicant as quickly as possible to the colleagues who will work directly together. Iman also receives support from buddy Michiel who has been working at Arxus for 1.5 years now. "I told my girlfriend yesterday that I have a lot of regrets that I did not apply for Arxus any quicker. A team of young, fine people who work very hard, who help each other, who can make fun together. I have already taken care that game evenings are being organized. Count me in! "


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