6 months been passed since Maarten, our junior developer, has joined our team. Let’s see if he’s still happy at Arxus! Read more about how Maarten ended up at Arxus and what he does.


How did you end up at Arxus 6 months ago?

Maarten: "Actually that was by pure coincidence! I have met Mutlu (Teamlead First Contact Team) through an online gaming chatroom. He mentioned that Arxus was looking for a developer. I didn’t hesitated, send him my resume and went for a chat."


How did your application procedure go?

Maarten: "Very good actually. During my first interview with Erlend (Managing Partner) and Hendrik (Dev Teamlead) the conversation was mainly focused on my technical skills and ambitions. I was very pleased that Hendrik joined from the beginning because I knew immediately who was going to guide me and with whom I started working closely together. During my second interview I spoke with Tom, who explained me the culture and atmosphere of Arxus."


How did your first days go?

Maarten: "I have to admit that for starters, I was a little bit shy. I was afraid that I, as a graduate, did not have the right amount of experience and would not be able to live up to the high expectations. That fear was unnecessary. The more colleagues I met, the more I felt like home. During the first months, I also did a lot of self-study, to expand my knowledge and strengthen my skills. This always under the guidance of the team."


How do you experience the guidance by the team?

Maarten: "I quickly learned that I must dare to ask questions. When I ask for advice, I never feel like I am saying stupid things, which is very valuable for a quick learning process. In a short amount of time, I feel like I have learned a lot. I am not yet at the level where I want to be, but I dare to say that I have much more confidence in my abilities and skills. Learning is a non-stop process and Arxus offers every opportunity for a nice growth trajectory and I know that I can grow from junior to expert within my field."


Therefore, we can say that Arxus as an employee works out fine for you?

Maarten: "Yes, the team is awesome, Erlend is a great manager, the events are fun, … In all honesty, every day I am going to work with a smile. Although I also have days that things do not go that smoothly, I can always count on the support and understanding of the team. That is very satisfying."


How do you see the following 6 months in equation with the last 6 months?

Maarten: "The first 6 months I was strongly involved in the projects of my team members. A lot of consideration was given to what I already could and where I still had to grow. From the start I got challenging and varied tasks so I could learn as much as possible. These separate tasks were super instructive. But from now on, I am going to get responsibility of a full feature. This is very exciting because I get the chance to prove myself. I know this is going to work out just fine, because I receive the full support of my colleagues."