Why Arxus?

We are convinced that we are the ideal managed cloud service provider for your company.

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We are convinced that we are the ideal managed cloud service provider for your company. We can definitely help you with designing, building and managing cloud solutions that are tailored for you.

Our expertise, our extensive portfolio, the customisation delivered and good local service are an unbeatable combination. Not yet convinced? Then we'll give you 10 good reasons for choosing Arxus.


Ten good reasons for choosing Arxus

Managed Services

You do not really want to be involved with your IT infrastructure or your cloud environment. You just want it to work optimally, so that you can spend your time on your core business without any worries. With our managed service packs, we do just that. We focus on your cloud services so that you can focus on your business.

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We have now been working with cloud services since 2008 and we have built up a great deal of expertise. We have seen and experienced it all. That experience helps our cloud experts to design a customised cloud environment with you. Not a standard out-of-the-box set-up, but a solution that does what you want.

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The scalability and flexibility of the cloud help you keep your costs perfectly under control. You also get one single invoice for all your cloud services, so you can easily retain an overview. Finally, we have no cancellation period: you may cancel your cloud services at any time without additional costs.

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We monitor your infrastructure and cloud services 24/7. Consider monitoring your CPU load, memory, storage, application performance, etc. In this way, we ensure not only maximum performance, we are also able to absorb certain irregularities or peaks proactively.

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Local Support

If you have a question or a problem, you can simply pick up your telephone or send an email. You quickly get an answer from one of our experts, who know your cloud environment and know what they are talking about. We firmly believe in rapid, high quality and especially local support. In your own language.

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Why do our customers choose Arxus?

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We work hard to limit mistakes or issues in all our services. That is why we have enough confidence to offer you some strong guarantees. With the Service Level KPIs of our Premium Managed Service Pack, we give you maximum assurance that we follow up issues and resolve them immediately.

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We take security very seriously. This is proved by the fact that we have a security officer on board and have achieved ISO 27001 certification for data protection. That means that we pursue a rigorous policy on data security, that we have well-developed security procedures and perform ongoing security checks.

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We guarantee that we only use top brands for our own infrastructure and we set up everything completely redundant. We avoid any single point of failure in terms of infrastructure. Moreover, with Microsoft Azure, we choose the fastest growing public cloud platform in the world.

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Thanks to the cloud, IT is more scalable and flexible than ever. Adding or removing new servers, users, or licences is child's play. We are able to deploy additional temporary capacity to absorb peaks or large projects, but at the same time, we can easily downscale if you temporarily need less. That also has financial benefits.

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Arxus is part of the Cronos Groep and with over 7,000 employees, it is one of the largest employers in the Belgian IT sector. That gives us financial stability, the resources to pioneer at the top level of innovative technologies and to draw on a vast pool of technological knowledge and expertise. 

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