Sustainable entrepreneurship is primarily about respect. Respect for ethics, people and the social environment. We translate that respect as much as possible into concrete actions in various domains.

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As a company with Corporate Social Responsibility, we employ a set of principles around ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship. We work hard on creating awareness and enthusiasm in our team for sustainability issues.

We believe in honesty, transparency and responsibility and do our best to set an example and to stand as sustainably as possible in society.

Company Culture

A good atmosphere at work is very important. That is why we provide a pleasant working environment and organise numerous team activities, to which partners are also regularly invited. We attach importance to a healthy work-life balance and support our employees as well as possible in their professional development and aspirations. Through internal and external training programmes, we help them to advance a sustainable career.

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Attention to diversity is an important facet of our personnel policy. Not only during the recruitment process, but also in the everyday reality in the workplace.

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Ethical entrepreneurship

Responsible behaviour and ethical entrepreneurship is the basis of all our activities. By acting responsibly and ethically, we win and retain the trust of our stakeholders. That trust is the basis of our continued existence as a company.

In carrying out our activities, we obviously respect the applicable rules and regulations, but we also set ourselves rules regarding ethical conduct, openness and transparency, discretion and privacy.

We communicate all decisions, information and activities that are relevant for the company and the stakeholders, without giving away technical know-how that could harm our competitiveness. 


We strive to make our solutions as carbon neutral as possible. We have been using green data centres for years, where 100% of the energy comes from renewable sources. But we are also constantly seeking solutions that can reduce our energy consumption. After all, the most sustainable kilowatts per hour remain the ones you do not use.

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Our ambition is to minimise our ecological footprint. We constantly try to develop all kinds of small and large initiatives to make that happen.

For example, we have replaced the paper cups by Dopper bottles that we fill with filtered tap water. We also have a Gingerwald Juice Corner where our team can consume daily shots of regionally grown fruit and vegetables.

We also strive for a paperless office. The general guideline is that we do not make any unnecessary prints and we also prefer to avoid using note blocks.

We have no flyers, sales presentations or other printed documents that have no added value for our (potential) customers. And we ask everyone to deliver digital documents as much as possible. Our administration and invoicing is also entirely digital.

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We have a mobility budget, which enables us to offer employees different packages. They can opt for an electric car, public transport, an electric bicycle, an electric scooter or a combination thereof. From 2021, each new car in our fleet will definitely be fully electric.

Our homeworking regulation also allows everyone to work from home at least one day a week. Thus we offer our employees flexibility and we realise a 20% reduction in commuting.

We also work with satellite offices. This gives colleagues who live a little further away a workplace closer to home, so that they no longer have to travel long distances to our head office.

We always question any movement and first look for alternative transport. If we have no other option, we choose solutions that allow us to make a financial compensation for the CO2 emissions of our movements.


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