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Arxus is one of the worlds leading companies on Azure expertise. We're not just saying that, Microsoft is. Arxus is part of a select group of a limited number of companies worldwide that possess an Azure Expert MSP certificate.

During a very strict audit Arxus was able to comply to all requirements mentioned in the Microsoft Azure Managed Service Provider (MSP)-program. As of now, Arxus can call itself a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP. This certificate makes us a preferred partner of Microsoft for Belgium.

What is the Azure Expert MSP certificate exactly?

Microsoft defines an Azure Expert MSP as a partner that can deliver differentiation to the market and that has in depth knowledge and expertise about the full range of Azure services, such as cloud infrastructure, IoT-services, application migration, application optimalisation, etc.

As an Azure Expert MSP we also have to be able to deliver added value to  proactive monitoring, automatisation and management of customer Azure environments. Azure Expert MSPs are the ideal partners to support customers in their end-to-end cloud journey.

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What's in it for you?

The Azure Expert MSP certificate lets us offer Azure Managed Services on the same high quality level that you are used to from our own Arxus Private Cloud and it allows us to advance in the development of new cloud native Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and application services.

On top of all that, Arxus gains early bird access to new services and solutions that the Microsoft product teams in Redmond and Seattle publish on Azure. We have preferred access to top level experts and support and receive extra support from Microsoft on large complex projects.


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Get a taste of Microsoft Azure via a free workshop

After an intake meeting, one of our cloud architects will visit you for a half-day workshop. The intention is to work with you to review your specific business case and see what Microsoft Azure can do for you. This gives you a clear view of your Azure Readiness and any subsequent steps you can take.

Microsoft Advanced Specialisations

With the Advanced Specialisations, Microsoft validates a partner's ability to deliver top-level services in a specific solution area. In order to achieve an advanced specialisation, partners must first and foremost have Gold status in that specific competence and also undergo an extensive and rigorous external audit.

Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure

This Advanced Specialisation confirms that we have in-depth knowledge to advise on the various SQL migration options within Azure, and demonstrate our expertise in migrating and optimising Windows Server and SQL Server based workloads to Microsoft Azure.

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Modernisation of Web Applications in Microsoft Azure

This Advanced Specialisation proves our knowledge and expertise in the development, migration and implementation of business applications, managing application services and applying DevOps methods within the Microsoft Azure environment.

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