What we do

From operating within 4 data centres, Arxus understands the traditional infrastructure setup as well as the cloud. This means we’re perfectly positioned to help in your digital transformation, taking you from an on-premise setup into the cloud. Depending on your needs, we also provide expertise in hybrid architecture, a mix between data centre private hosting and public Azure cloud.

Arxus is a strategic partner for businesses, with a mission to improve productivity, efficiency and innovation. By managing applications and empowering employees with a modern, cloud-based workplace, we relieve companies of their IT burdens so they can focus on growing their core business.

Why Arxus

Cloud technology is becoming the first choice for businesses that want to stay in business. And as true problem solvers, we always put your business first. So we don’t just lift and shift, we make your business, and its applications and employees, smarter and future focused.

Our aim is to provide business first cloud solutions that will enable us to share in your long-term success. Because we’re here to help you with everything you need to continuously develop your business, in order to stay in business.
Ensuring your business never comes in second

Overcome the risk of being overtaken by faster and more agile competitors and new market entrants by updating legacy systems and replacing your outmoded workplace solution.

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